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lapack in abaqus subrouine

Hi all,

I'm an abaqus subroutine UEL user.

I recently got an existed UEL fortrain file from advisor professor, but had an following error message when I ran the code.

(ABAQUS CAE) piezoelectric analysis


I'm doing piezoelectric analysis using abaqus CAE v6.12.

Specifically, what I'm doing now is to make the bimorph piezoelectric harvester model using Abaqus CAE

and to validate my model.

My FE model is made based on the model developed by A Erturk and D J Inman in their paper,

'An experimentally validated bimorph cantilever model for piezoelectric energy harvesting from base excitations'

They presented the analytical solution for voltage output and experimental validation is also presented in this paper.

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