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Linking FRIC subroutine to .INP file

Good day

I have numerous errors when assigning the FRIC subroutine to .INP file. Any suggestions would truly be appreciated.

What I did:

Within my subroutine I change the .VAL=PROPS(X) to a designated number—i.e. .VAL=0.00

ABAQUS doesn’t recognize these variables(PROPS(X)) sometime.

I created the LIB files (abaqus make library=XXX.for) needed when running the interactive job.

ABAQUS Subroutine Error

Good day 

I have encountered and Error within Abaqus Cmd prompt after numerous trial and error installations and path designations. Below is a display message retained from the cmd stating every system environment has been passed but stil no abaqus subroutine available?Using Abaqus 6.10 +VS2008+Fortran 11.1 installed in that order. Below is a display message from the prompt. Any suggestions would now be appreciated. Regards

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