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Pedestrian bridge collapse in Florida

Does anyone know more about the causes of that collapse?

Now that we supposedly know so much about mechanics, why does a small-span bridge like that collapse?  

It it because we are optimizing prematurely based on false confidence in numerical models?

-- Biswajit

Compiling C++14 code on a cluster with clang

For those of you who have to port codes to supercomputers:

New article: Compling C++14 code on a cluster.

-- Biswajit

Updated solution manual for Metamaterial book

The derivations of some equations and solutions to problems from my metamaterials books are now available for download from ResearchGate at

-- Biswajit

Unit testing MPI applications

New article: Unit testing and continuous integration of MPI applications with googletest and cmake.

Can we predict when the Larsen-C ice shelf will fail?

My opinion is "Not yet".

What stops us from predicting the date on which the Larsen-C ice shelf will fail?

-- Biswajit

More on objective incremental constitutive equations

Check out my new article on a source of confusion in material and spatial versions of constitutive equations at

-- Biswajit

Reading XML files containing gzipped data in C++

Once upon a time, the CEO of my company asked me why I did so much software engineering for my work.  My response was that software engineers were unlikely to produce what I needed in the short time frames that I had at my disposal without me spending a huge amount of time training them.

Creating a multi-keyframe animation with d3.js.

Creating a multi-keyframe animation with d3.js.

Something that should be in the toolbox of every modern researcher.  Static plots in journals are not good enough given today's technology.

-- Biswajit

Nonlinear programming and closest point return plasticity

New article:  Nonlinear programming and closest point return plasticity

This article tries to justify the use of backward Euler stress updates.

-- Biswajit

Forward vs backward Euler for return algorithms

In Part 5 of my series on return mapping for plane stress plasticity, I claim that the obsession with backward Euler is not justified if accuracy is important.  See

Let me know if you disagree and why.

-- Biswajit


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