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Powerpoint + Report

Find attached my powerpoint presentation and my report.

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I guess it's time that I cite some papers that are relevant to what I am looking at. A paper byL.Mahadevan et al.: Elements of draping
and another one
Confined elastic developable surfaces: cylinders, cones and the elastica,

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ES 240 Project: Draping of a thin elastic sheet

Everyone has seen how a table cloth hangs over the edge of the table. The way in which the excess material is accomodated, that is, the nature of the wrinkles, may depend on the material properties of the table cloth, the angle which the edge of the table is making (a right angle in the case of most tables but one can imagine the wrinkles of a table cloth draped over a circular table, or for that matter any shaped table).

If you aren't quite sure what I am talking about then take a scarf or any isotropic homegenous material and just susupend it of the corner of your desk.

I don't have any article to cite. I don't know if any work has been done on this. My aim is to read Landau Lifshitsz and attack this problem from first principals.

I would also like to use Abaqus to see if I can simulate the system. And then vary things likes E and poisson's ratio etc. And also the angle of the corner makes etc.

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Madhav Mani

Hey, people often call me Mads which circumvents the ordeal of pronouncing my "real" name correctly which can be tricky. I'm a first year PhD student in applied mathematics. I am currently trying to balance doing courses and research with Michael Brenner, L. Mahadevan and Howard Stone.
My undergraduate and first masters are from Cambridge University, England, during which I studied Pure maths, Applied maths, statistics, mechanics (primarily fluid and some solid) and theoretical pysics.
My interests are primarily in mechanics (fluid, solid and bio). Apart from fluid mechanics I find problems in elasticity and viscoelasticty theory very curious and interesting (currently I am looking at friction in elastomers). I also like looking at biological systems where "structure reveals function". Even though I am primarily a theorist I really enjoy conducting table-top, so called cheap experiments, and talking to experimentalists in any area.

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