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Abaqus subroutine for the Chaboche elasto-viscoplastic model

Dear community,

 I need to implement the Chaboche elasto-visco-plastic model (with damage and without damage) into an Abaqus subroutine (VMAT or UMAT). However, I don't have any experience and the model is not so easy. Can anyone help me in some way?

 Thank you very much.


Chaboche elasto-viscoplastic model with plastic strain memorization and time-recovery in ANSYS

Hi, I am a reserach fellow of mechanical engineering in Italy. I need to implement the elasto-viscoplastic model of Chaboche in a user subroutine in ANSYS accounting also for the plastic strain memorization and for the static and dynamic recovery. In a next step I sould also need to incorporate the damage variable of this model.

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