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Ph.D. Candidate Position at the University of Waterloo

Ph.D. position avaliable at the University of Waterloo. This program is funded by NSERC and CFI to construct UHV variable temperature nanoindenter and micro-tensile tester. Candiates must have a strong background in instrumentations and programming. Please contact Ting Tsui at

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Ph.D. Candidate Position Available at the University of Waterloo

This is a fully funded research project at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The objective is to construct a PECVD and a UV cure chambers for porous dielectric thin film depositions. In addition to building chambers, the candidate will conduct experiments in thin film fracture and small scale deformation. Please email your CV to

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Constraint Effects on Thin Film Channel Cracking Behavior

Channel CrackOne of the most common forms of cohesive failure observed in brittle thin film subjected to a tensile residual stress is channel cracking, a fracture mode in which through-film cracks propagate in the film. The crack growth rate depends on intrinsic film properties, residual stress, the presence of reactive species in the environments, and the precise film stack.

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