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Business venture - seeking support from like minded people from India:

I am coming back to India in the September 2009, and with only a month to go, I am thinking about joining likeminded individuals to open up a small consultancy group and see where it goes. We can also teach CAD/FEM side by side (during day time, and work on projects in the evenings/night - flexible times). Presently I am thinking of buying 1 Ansys Professional (which is very expensive, atleast to me) license. If you have other suggestions, please write to me in detail. I look forward to suggestions from the experienced persons.

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Interesting Material: d3o

I came across this web page recently, and it talks about a novel product d3o that can control impact effects by adjusting molecular structure in case of shock loads. If this material becomes a regular apparel material, we may see many Jackie Chans in the future. The material is d3o.

Visit this page to learn more about this material, This is not a SPAM.

I don't know if you guys knew of this. I guess you do. Is this material really the way it is advertised, or some boasting included?

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