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Boundary Conditions in ABAQUS, Phython

hello everyone!

I have a parametric model in ABAQUS. One of the surfaces has many faces and to set a displacement, for example, I need to select all the faces on this surface. One of the ways  to pick them is to use faces.findAt(), but the problem is that there are over 100 faces on this surface and I don't know their coordinates because I used "random" function to create them. Do you know how can I specify the region? I've tried to pick the whole surface instead but I couldn't...

Replay file always gives a mask.

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Homogenization in ABAQUS

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with homogenization of fibre reinforced composite in Abaqus.

I need to get stress components S11, S22, S33, S12, S13, S23 of each element and it's volume to calculate average stress on each element. Here comes the problem: I'm trying to use Field Output calculator but I can't multiply, for example, S11(i)*EVOL(i) because there are no components of S in this calculator and I can only operate with tensor S.

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Parametric model in ABAQUS

Hello everybody!

 I need to make a parametric model in ABAQUS (using script).The ABAQUS scripting user's manual was helpful but i still have some questions about loads. Does anybody have any examples of simple problems or any tutorials ?

Many thanks )

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