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Looking for a Phd. position in Computational Solid Mechanics and Materials.

I am a final year Master of Engineering student at Materials Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Science. I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engg. from Bengal Engineering and Science University, West Bengal, India. Currently I am working on my ME project "Simulation and Validation of Roll-Separating force and Limiting Reduction in Cold Rolling", under Prof Vikram Jayaram, Materials Engg Dept. and Prof S.K.Biswas, Mechanical Engg. Dept, IISc., Bangalore. After completion (June, 2011) of my ME, I want to do Phd.

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Hi everybody,

          Can anybody tell me what is the difference between these two field outputs in ABAQUS?? First one is CPRESS and the other one is PRESSURE which comes under stress output??? Actually I want to know normal pressure for my work. Which one of these two will give me Normal pressure??? Thanks..

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Simulation of simple compression of a cylinder between two plates using ABAQUS


I need to simulate a simple compression process. I want to know what kind of boundary conditions i have to give. I have tried giving displacement to the end plates or applying some uniform pressure at the end plates but I am not getting the expected pressure distribution at the contact. Plz somebody suggest me what to do???

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