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Plastic strain data

Dear All

I am working on Abaqus simulation for thermo-visco-plasticity, especially on necking problem in circular bar.
I need the plastic strain data to add in the material properties table of Abaqus.
And, any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Shabeer Khan
MSc Computational Mechanics

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Internship in Computational Mechanics (plasticity)

Dear Members,

 Hope you will be fine. 

I am student in MSc Computational Mechanics, here in Nantes France. I am looking for an internship  which is compulsory part of master degree. I am interested in materials, processing/modeling and simulation. I would be grateful for your guidance and help.

 Thanks and Regards,

Shabeer khan 

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Good Time to Everybody, I am working on Thermoplasticity, especially thermoviscoplasticity, will be comparing the results of some basic examples problem worked be Simo and Miehe, modelled in Abaqus with the results of a locally developed code. I am new comer in this excellent forum and I am happy to see myself among a nice community of Mechanicians. I regard all those who are conneted in this form and those who helped in connecting this chain of  Mechanics.


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