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export the co-ordinates of the integration points???

Hi my friends,

I want to export both the stresses and the co-ordinates (x,y,z) at the
integration points using Abaqus CAE. I know how to get the stresses at the nodes
(unique nodal ) by using Visulaization module then report then unique nodal. But
when i try to report the stresses at the integration points, i did not find the
co-ordinates at the integration points as one of the output. I find only the
unique nodal.

Thanks alot,

question about "Extended Dracker Prager plasticity model"

Hi my friends,

i am using Dracker Prager Plasticity model in abaqus 6.6, i am working on rock sample, this rock sample shows strain softening behavior not strain hardening, but you know that Drucker Prager can simulate both hardening and softening.

i have the stress-srain diagram from the laboratory test. 

 my shear criterion is linear, i choosed from Suboption   Drucker Prager Hardening.

how can i increase the load gradually

Hi my friends,

i am using Abaqus 6.6, i want to apply a load on rock sample, this load increases with increasing time, for example, the first minute the magnitude of load is 100 Psi, and the second minute 200 psi, and the third minute 300 psi, and so on.

how can i do this?

thanks alot


dracker prager plasticity model with softening

Hi my friends,i am using Dracker prager plasticity model to simulate uniaxial compression (softening) of coal dracker prager, the shear criterion is linear, and the hardening type is compression. there is a table that i should fill out, this table composed of yield stress and abs. plastic stain. my question is:- how can i fill out this table by using the experimental data (stress-strain diagram for uniaxial compression test) ?? shall i convert these data using any equations??

how can i overcome divergent problem in abaqus standard

hi my friends,

i am using abaqus standard Mohr-Coloumb plasticity to model uniaxial compression test, so i have sample and (upper and lower platen) to represent the compression machine , i apply the load through the movement of the upper platen, the stress strain diagram of my material is strain softening.

how can i get the cohesion yield stress in Mohr-coloumb plasticity

Hi my friends,

in Mohr-coloumb plasticity model in abaqus program, there is hardening table,this table includes both cohesion yield stress and absolute plastic strain.

the question is this cohesion yield stress is calculated from the stress -strain diagram, or this cohesion is estimated from the shear test, you know when you draw a relationship between shear stress and normal stress you can get both cohesion and friction angle.

the second question is :- how can i see the model while it is running, i am using abaqus 6.6.

thanks alot.


define the regid body and the contact between regid and deformable body

hi my friends,

could you please tell me step by step how can i :-

1- define rigid body

2- make contact between rigid  and deformable body

thanks alot

best regards,


equivalent plastic strain works with mohr-coloumb plastity??

can i use the equivalent plastic strain to evalute the state of the elements (yield or elastic) when the i use Mohr-Coloumb plasticity (Abaqus 6.6).

 i am asking this question because i made a model to simulate  the uniaxial compression test using mohr-coloumb plasticity, but i find that the equivalent plastic strain remain constant at all elements, i am sure that the it should change from the edged of the sample to the core of the sample.

Softening behavior in Mohr-Couloumb

hi my friends, i am new in Abaqus, while i am making a uniaxial compression test for coal  sample using Abaqus 6.6, the failure criteria is Mohr-coloumb plasticity, i know that the behavior of coal is strain softening. i should use this table to simulate the hardening/softening behavior of material.

 cohesion  yield stress

 Absloute plastic strain




i know that the first row will be the yield stress and the zero plastic strain.

Strain softening behavior

hi my friends, i am new in abaqus, i want to use Mohr-Couloumb plasticity to simulate the uniaxial compression of a coal sample, the behavior of coal is stain softening, i want to know how many data points should i use in the hardening menu of Mohr-coloumb plasticity (cohesion yeild stress & Absolute plastic strain ).

you know that the strain sofening bhavior has yield point and peak and then post peak (softening).

when i make the simulation i used 3 data points

Mohr-Coloumb plasticity model

i am simulating a uniaxial test for coal specimen using Mohr-Coloumb plasticity, there is a friction between the coal sample and the platens, the coal behavior is stain sotening.

i want to know how many points should i use in the hardening table of the mohr-coloumb plasticiy to get a good reults?

 i used 3 points:- the first one is the yield stress and the associated plastic stain, the second one the peak stress and the associated plastic strain the third one is the post peak stress and the assoiacted plastic strain. is that right?

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