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Positions in CAEP Software Center for High Performance Numerical Simulation (Beijing, China)

The newly setup "CAEP software center for high performance numerical simulation", located in Beijing, China, is recruiting.

The center is focused on large-scale numerical simulation on petaflops systems such as Tianhe-2 etc.

The R&D of the center spans broad areas of high performance numerical simulation including preprocessing (CAD, mesh generation), parallel visualization, high performance middleware, computational mechanics (nonlinear FEM, GFEM/XFEM, SPH/MPM), mental and energetic materials, nuclear physics, electromagnetics etc. 

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Why do we often use Jaumann rate instead of Truesdell rate?

In the attachment, we show that Truesdell rate can by simplified to Green-Naghdi rate by assuming F .=. R and can be further simplified to Jaumann rate by assuming W .=. R(.)R(T), where .=. means approximately equal

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