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fracture mechanics

 i want some one to clarify fundamental definition ,inter relationship or difference between the following terminologies .

small strain

large strain

small scale yielding

large scale yielding 

modelling crack-tip

i'm analysing crack-tip stress field by using modified boundary layer (MBL )analysis accounting for large geometric changes.which of the following element type is preferred.

1.  4 noded quadratic element with 2X2 integration.

2.   8 noded quadratic element with reuced integration.


can any one suggest, how to apply T-stress in modified boundary layer (MBL) analysis.

crack-tip stress field

I am a post graduate student in mechanical engineering,
as  a part of curriculum  I am doing my thesis  work on fracture mechanics. My thesis title
is “ STUDIES ON CRACK-TIP STRESS FIELDS IN HOMOGENEOUS SOLIDS”.I  have modeled crack-tip using modified
boundary  layer. I have analysed  S22 (tangential stress) for T/σ=0, T/σ=0.34
&  T/σ values are matching with
N.P.O’DOWD and C.F.SHIH for T/σ=0 and T/σ=0.34. But for T/σ=+1 the values of
S22 are coming for less than HRR

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