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Topic 66: Discuss the risks and challenges involved in working at heights.

Working at height refers to working at a distance above the ground from which a person could fall or any distance liable to cause personal injury. This includes access and egress except by a staircase in a permanent workplace, work at or below ground level, but does not include slips and trips on the level.

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Topic 65: Excavation Work in Onshore Pipeline Crowded Areas - Risks and challenges

Excavation is the most fundamental and important element in the construction industry, whether brownfield or greenfield. Basically, four excavation methods are employed during pipeline construction: vertical excavation; horizontal excavation; step trenching and cofferdams.

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Topic 64: Discuss the risks and challenges involved in simultanous operations or co-activities in Oil and Gas activities.

Operations with two or more installations and simultaneous operations such as construction and production need appropriate management systems and controls for effective use of resources and to minimise risk.

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Topic 63: Discuss the risks and challenges involved in working in a confined space.

Confined space refers to an area which is enclosed with limited access that makes it dangerous to work. An example is the interior of a storage tank which workers may enter for maintenance work but which is not a habitable place.

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Topic 62: Discuss the Emergency Water Landing in the North Sea.

An emergency water landing is  an unplanned landing into water made by an aircraft in response to  a crisis. 

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