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FastBEM Fracture 2-D available for download

The fast boundary element program used in the recent paper:

Y. J. Liu, Y. X. Li, and W. Xie, "Modeling of multiple crack propagation in 2-D elastic solids by the fast multipole boundary element method,"  Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 172, 1-16 (2017)

Scholarship Support for Attending NSF Workshop on the BEM: Bridging Education and Industrial Applications

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the NSF Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) is hosting a workshop on the boundary element method (BEM) April 23-26, 2012. This workshop consists of a two-day short course and a two-day colloquium on advances in the BEM with educational and industrial applications. Researchers and engineers from around the world, as well as students (both graduate and undergraduate) are invited to participate in this workshop.

A Workshop on the Recent Developments in the Boundary Element Method

Do you want to learn the boundary element method (BEM) and the latest fast solution methods from the experts around the world? If yes, come and attend the workshop on the BEM in September.

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