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Invitation to attend Mr. Ran Tao PhD defense at COHMAS lab, KAUST.



Enhancing the bonding of CFRP adhesive bonding through laser-based surface preperation sterategies.


KAUST Workshop: Shaping the future with Composite Materials


COHMAS Laboratory at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) will host on March 16-18 a high-caliber workshop aiming at discussing the latest developments in Composite Science and Engineering.

For more information, please visit the conference website at

quasi-static indenation test simulation in ansys Question ?

Dear all,


I have aproblem with contact peoblem.

I am working in indentation in composite laminate plate the simulation was done using ANSYS. i define surface to surface contact between the rigid indneter and the laminate plate. then, a small displacemnt is applied to the indenter (.005mm) to check the conatct condition.

THE problem?


when applying this small displacemnt i get very large penetration of indneter in the specimen. and i don't know why?


If any one can help me?




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