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Hibbitt Engineering Fellows, School of Engineering, Brown University

New prestigious postdoctoral fellowships are provided by a generous gift from Susan and David Hibbitt. Since the fellows will be selected through internal competition with those of other disciplines, solid mechanics applicants should be well qualified for the competition. The Hibbitt Engineering Fellows will receive an annual salary plus benefits and an additional research and travel stipend. Anticipated start date for these full-time positions is in July 2015.

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Solid Mechanics Faculty Position Opening at Brown

Brown University
School of Engineering
Faculty Position in Solid Mechanics 

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Sharing sadness for loss of dear friends and students

Upon hearing the painful news of VPI tragedy, I am deeply saddened that we lost our young students and fellow faculty, in particular, Liviu Librescu, G. V. Loganathan and Kevin Granata. I would like to share the sorrow with the family and friends of the victims who lost their lives in the senseless crime. I am deeply compelled to write this message, since I am a faculty teaching young students applied mechanics/engineering like professors Librescu, Loganathan and Granata, and belong to a small community of Korean Americans. I feel helpless and guilty that I could not mentor our young people and hear such incomprehensible tragic news.

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Heritage for Experimental Mechanicians

On July 16, 1976, when I was writing my very first paper in U.S. with my lab senior Dr. Prashant Kumar and thesis advisor Professor Rodney J. Clifton to the Journal of Applied Physics, Professor Clifton put a copy of an article on my desk while I was away. The article was "Advice to Young Physicists" by Walther Bothe. It was translated from German to English in Physics Today, September, 1958. I do not know whether this advice still holds for the whole; however, I believe that most of the advice is still valuable for anyone, in particular, an experimentalist, who undertakes a piece of scientific work. Therefore, I would like to share his advice with the society of iMechanica by recollecting it here. - K.-S. Kim

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