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Crystal plasticity parameters for nickeel

Can someone help me with finding the crystal pasticity parameters for single crystal nickel.

I am using the model given in the attached paper.

I will be thank to you.



Generate 2d polycrystal

Dear All,

I want to generate a peridioc microstructure with lets say 50 grains in which grain size is gaussian with specified mean and standard deviation.

Can someone please tell me which software I should use ??


Thank you very much.

Differences in results of VUMAT and UMAT

Dear all,

I am using VUMAT and on comparing its result with UMAT. They differ a lot.

Can someone please explain if I should expect the results to be same ?


Thank you

getting the deformation gradient from abaqus

Hello everyone.

I am trying to do something with the deformation gradient in UMAT. I used F=DFGRD0 as the gradient. but i found that it always comes to be a identity tensor not only for the case of a 3d isotropic elastic material but also for the ramberg osgood model. it was very surprising for me so i also tried to print DFGRD1 it was also identity tensor.

I have used a C3D8 single element and was doing the uniaxial test. Please help me out with this.

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