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contact problem

hi all,

my name is christian, i'm a master degree student in mechanical engineering. i've been doing a swaging  process simulation using MSC.MARC, but i have a problem.when i ran the simulation, there were some node or element that penetrated into the other element and/or rigid body. i tried to change the value of contact tolerance and mesh, but i got the same result (pentrated still happened). what should i do to solve this problem?should i use mesh adaptivity? please help me ^^


master degree studentship

Hi, my name is christian wijaya. I'm the student of Diponegoro Unversity in Indonesia. I'm on the last term now, i'm doing my final project. I study gust load alleviation with active control. I'm having much interest of mechanical vibration, aeroelasticity, aeroservoelasticity and smart structure. and i've been searching a chance to continue my study entering MS degree and expecting to get the fellowship or research assistanship.

please give me an information and see my CV attached below.

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