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To plot a variable

Hi everybody, I have a question. I am using a UMAT and calculating a variable (tau=resolved shear stress) within the UMAT using other variables calculated in the UMAT for each time step. Now I want to plot this variable. How can I do this? This variable is not  only a function of pre-defined variables but also a function of variables calculated in the UMAT.  I tried going through the USDFLD, UFIELD and UVARM subroutines but could not figure this out Any help will be appreciated Nitin 

Error Code 144

1. I am writing a UMAT for 3-D analysis of a Single crystal. When I run the UMAT I get a message saying: aborted with system error code 144.

2. I serached for this error code online and it stands for: The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory. (Windows error codes)

I am using Intel Fortran 10.1 with Abaqus 6.7-1

Writing a Main program to test UMAT

Hi Mechanicians,

 I have written a UMAT for single crystal plasticity analysis but it is not running properly. I want to debug it. Is there anyway to do that with Abaqus? In order to debug it in a Microsoft VC++ environment I decided to write a main program for the UMAT subroutine. Does this approach seem valid? Also what type of variables should be passed into the UMAT subroutine from the Main program?  


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


The first UMAT in the verification Manual


I was trying to run the first UMAT example in the Abaqus verification manual  ( umatmst.f is the file name). I imported the input file umatmst.inp and then ran umatmst.for

However it showed me an error saying ifort.exe missing. I have installed Intel Fortran compiler. However now it shows the following error.

fortcom: error: Illegal Character in statement label feild [s]

fortcom: error:First statement in file must not be continued

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