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Error Code 144

1. I am writing a UMAT for 3-D analysis of a Single crystal. When I run the UMAT I get a message saying: aborted with system error code 144.

2. I serached for this error code online and it stands for: The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory. (Windows error codes)

I am using Intel Fortran 10.1 with Abaqus 6.7-1

3. The Umat runs 8 times and then this message is generated. It is generated before the 9th iteration. In my understanding the UMAT is called for each integration point of every element. Why does the error happen after its called 8 times. 

4. Any suggestions will be helpful.


Hi nitin,

It might be possible after 8 iterations any of your variables become infinity, check for this . System code error 144 may occur for this reason but it may not be the case every time.


Best regards,


I was suspecting this error too. I have not yet been able to find it. No division by zero, no infinty values, and everything seems to be initialized properly. However, I will go through the whole code again.

Thank you Rohith


 The warning message is also generated when the UMAT is not convergent. For single crystals, try it with easily deformed orientation such as [001]. For single oriented crystals which locate in the standard stereographic trainagle (e.g., [123]), the convergence rate is very slow or blows up. It may also helpful to (a) decrease the initial time increment, (b) decrease the magnitude of the loads and (c) increase the maximum number of N-R iterations for the time-integration of the constitutive model in the UMAT


Sang Ha 


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