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Fluid Solid Interaction (FSI)


   Dear imechanicans,

   I am working on propeller blade structure (in application to submarine vessel) !!

   I would like to simulate fluid-solid interaction (FSI) in ABAQUS.

   Does anyone has the sample .inp file or tutorial on FSI ??




I Would like to include failure in my model

I am doing my master thesis on crash simulation of plywood (7 layers-orthotropic material) structures in buses using explicit LS-DYNA FE program. I would like to include failure in my model. Right now I am working on Mat_054_55 (MAT_ENHANCED_COMPOSITE_DAMAGE…..material model from LS-DYNA material library).


Mat_054_55 allows me to get failure by defining anyone of the following parameters,

Mat_54_55 (LS DYNA material model)

I would like to know the difference between Effective Strain, Effective Plastic Strain and Effective Failure Strain.

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