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Ph.D. positions on Nucleation-Controlled Plasticity at the Technion

The Nanomechanics Simulations Laboratory at the Technion (Haifa, Israel) is seeking applicants for a computational study on nucleation-controlled plasticity. Immediate openings are available for Ph.D. students in several projects. In these projects, you will develop models for the strength of specimens at the nanoscale, to account for the effect of temperature and lattice defects on the nucleation-controlled strength.

Postdoctoral Research/PhD Studies on Multiscale Material Modeling at the Technion

The Nanomechanics Simulations Laboratory at the Mechanical
Engineering Department, Technion, Israel, is recruiting Postdoctoral
researchers and/or PhD candidates in the area of modeling the plastic deformation of metallic specimens at the nanoscale.
The research involves performing simulations at various scales
(Molecular Dynamics, Dislocation Dynamics and Finite Elements Analysis).
We are looking for highly motivated applicants, who are familiar with

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