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Buckling of Stepped column

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have the work experience on stepped column kind of structure?

I would like to know, how to determine the crippling load for stepped column kind of structures? If anyone have the materials pertaining to the subject, please do share (if interested).


Thanks and Regards


M Gopalakrishnan.


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 Here are several places you may like to look regarding stepped columns.

1. Theory of elastic stability by Timoshenko and Gere, 2nd edition, starting on page 113.   This discusses stepped column cantilevers and stepped pinned pinned columns. (this book seems to be coming out soon as an inexpensive paper back by Dover publications)

2.  You may like to see the following more recent paper for a new technique for analyzing Pcr for stepped columns.

3.  For stepped column design in the context of LRFD and the american institute of steel construction (AISC) look here for a design example.

4.  You may also want to look in the book by Zdenek Bazant and Luigi Cedolin, Stability of Structures, Dover publications, 2003.

 Hopefully this helps and is sufficient for the problem you are trying to solve.





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Hi louie,

Thanks for your reply.

As of now, the materials path provided from your end is sufficient. let me go through it first. And I shall catch you later if I have any further queries in this regard.


Thanks and Regards


M Gopalakrishnan


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Dear Gopalakrishnan:

A few years ago, I thought about formulating Euler-Bernoulli beam-columns with internal discontinuities (one would be a sudden change in flexural stiffness) in the framework of generalized functions. The following paper may be useful as an alternative approach:

A. Yavari and S. Sarkani, On applications of generalized functions to the analysis of Euler-Bernoulli beam-columns with jump discontinuities, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 43(6) 2001, pp. 1543-1562.


GOPALAERO2000's picture

Hi Arash,


Thanks for your reply.

Let me go through the paper. And I shall get back to you after went through it.


Thanks and Regards


M Gopalakrishnan


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