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composite material in ansys workbench 11


I want to model a composite material (e.g. frp) elbow in ansys workbench 11. How can I define the material?

thanks a lot



dear all

i am new in flac2d.i am trying to model tunnel in weak rock and i choose flac2d to model there anyone who can help me?

if you have any opinion,paper,book relevant to my problem please help me.

thank you

Saurabh Puri's picture

Hi Pooya

I think FLAC manual is pretty good. I have used it few years before. Have you gone through it?


Hi Saurabh

i have gone through it but i need more you have any example in flac2d?or any paper relevant to designing tunnel in weak rock?

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Dear Pooya

            here is the paper where a case of slope stability in open cast mine was investigated using Flac2D almost a decade back by Saurabh & myself. hope this will help u.

Dear Amit

thank you very much for your help.that was really useful.i am studying geothechnical case study is about tunnel in weak rock.

do you have more papers and projects about that?it is kind of you to help me.

sincerely yours

Amit Pandey's picture

you can contact dr monjezi  he is at  Tarbiat Modares University,Tehran,Iran

and good friend of us. he is the expert of Flac 2D.

 below is his email.

E-mail address:

Dear Amit

thank you verymuch for your help


Dear Amit

i think your area of expertise is goetechnical engineering.i want to apply for PHD. whould you please help me and guide me how can i start and what should i do?

sincerely yours


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