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Whitesides on how to write a paper to communicate your research

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George Whitesides has published over 1,100 papers.  In 2004 he published a three-page essay “Whitesides’ Group:  Writing a Paper”.  I have been asking all my students to study this essay when they begin to work with me.  Now you can watch Whitesides on video explaining his approach to publishing papers.    


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Dear Zhigang:

Thank you for sharing this excellent video. I agree with him that "Writing is a part of the research process." Very beautifully said. I think this video can be extremely useful for anybody but one should keep in mind that this is an experimentalist and not everything he says applies to other fields.


Dear Zhigang,

          Thank you for sharing the essay and video, this is really useful for somebody like me who is preparing to write his first article.



Atul Jain

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Dear Zhigang,


Thanks you for the video, it was very useful for me.



 Thanks you



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