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Question about Abaqus subroutine

Hey my frineds:

I'm working on a simulation project. First, I want to add an increasing boundary condition on the part, Then, I need to monitor the three principle stress to check whether it meets some partical condition, and stop the simulation.

How can I do this simulation by change the input file?


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if  you want to change the boundary conditions after you have submitted the job, the only method i think is to use "restart", which permit the user to change boundary such as add or set contact.

for the second question, it's easy i think, you can use a very simple user subroutine, for standard, you can use ufield, which can make a connection between material properties and field value. if three principle stresses satisfy your condition, you can make the value of filed equel to 1, and 1 corespond to a very small Youngs Modulus, usually, the compution will stop due to error(no convergence). for explicit, you can use the simple principal, just make it with vumat.

 for any other question, if you can login chinese website and understand chinese, you can serach"simwe forum",which is the best forum i think.

I'm already in that forum. Where can I find some similar example to study?

Can I have your contact information such as email or QQ?


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I am very new to Abaqus as well. I am going to simulate a elastic deformation of a metal slab.


I would like to know how to run a subroutine in Abaqus. Can I do it in CAE or in command line ? Thank you so much! 

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