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Cyclic Hardening

Hi Everyone,

We are testing an AISI 304 SS Pin under cyclic loading and the results show that the buckling pressure would increase after exposing the pin to the cyclic loading for a while. I was wondering if this could be a results of cyclic hardening and if anyone has a link to some useful information on this case.

 Thank you!


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Hi Morteza,


You may refer to this paper: 

  • Tasnim Hassan
  • Stelios Kyriakides
  • Ratcheting of cyclically hardening and softening materials: I. Uniaxial behavior, International Journal of PlasticityVolume 10, Issue 2, 1994, Pages 149–184.

     I have previously used SS304 ratcheting experimental data for cyclic plasticity models I have worked on.

    Are you also considering cyclic plasticity modeling?



    Hi Kyriakos,

     Thank you so much for the reply. I could not access the links in your message, I was wondering if you could write the full title for each paper so that I can find them in other libraries.

     Thank You,


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    You can also access it through elsevier:


    If you need any help with the plasticity modeling, etc don't hesitate to contact me directly.


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