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Abaqus - Job aborts reporting that it can't change the current working directory.


I have an Abaqus 6.12-3 installed on a Windows 8 64-bit system.
Everything works smoothly. I am easily able to take control of the CAE
and model, define loads, steps, sections and jobs. The problem is while
running the jobs. The job aborts splashing an error "Unable to change
the current working directory to
C:\Users\ANIABU~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Ani Abu_I-beam_3876." This happens
with all the jobs. Rarely does the job complete successfully, but I am
unable to understand the underlying procedure. I did not request any
change of working directory and checked with the .bat files opening the
CAE. Everything seems to be fine. I am an emerging engineer and any form
of help is highly appreciated. Please help me. I need this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Job aborts in Abaqus with errors

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i think you should just go to files/save as and change working directory to ,C:\Users\ANIABU~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Ani Abu_I-beam_3876,


I tried it before sir, but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks.

Try you can see the current WD in the python console (click the picture lower left side with the three arrows) with os.getcwd(), you also can change it:

    os.mkdir("C:\\Users\\...\\") (creats a new directory)

    os.chdir("C:\\Users\\...\\") (chang to the new directory)

This is just for this session


Thank you sir. It works. I tried it back-to-back for 3 sample jobs and it completed successfully without any errors and warnings. Thanks for the help. I hope it doesn't go kaput again.

This problem arouse again after a while. After many unsuccessful tries, I bore the fruit. I installed ABAQUS in its default C: drive and so the working directory was set initially to C:\Temp. I copied the startup .bat files to other drive (like D:) and redirected all the shortcuts to this .bat file. Now it works like a charm. Thanks.

I have the same problem. At the beginning, I just clean the TEMP folder, abaqus will go back to normal.

But, after a while, the problem will come back and cleanning the TEMP folder doesn't work any more.

I think the reason is that abaqus cannot get the read and write permissions to the windows user's TEMP folder to create a temporary work directory.

So I redirect abaqus temporary work directory to D:\ or E:\. (Module: Job->job manager-> edit job-> general ->scratch directory)

It's works!!

Thanks  Xiaojun Gu

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