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Leaping Shampoo

Zhigang Suo's picture

I came across this video of a fluid phenomenon today. I have no clue what caused it. If you know something about it, please explain to us.

Rui Huang's picture

Maybe fluids do have more interesting mechanics to study, as some of our colleagues believe. 


Konstantin Volokh's picture

No doubt! Fluids are much richer in physical phenomena than solids because of higher motility of their particles... unfortunately. :-)

Mogadalai Gururajan's picture

Dear Prof. Suo:

You probably have already seen this paper; in case you haven't (and for the benefit of the other readers of this blog), here is an article in April 2006 issue of Nature which claims to explain the effect (and, from which, I guess the video was taken). I ended on the Nature page, via this Wiki page on the effect, which links to some other resources too.


Henry Tan's picture

Amit Pandey's picture

amazing video...

I know the shear thickening effects and their application to design better textile armor. But ... guess need to learn more about shear thinning ... Wonderful Nature Mother!

Henry Tan's picture

Depending on the dispersion concentration, high concentration has a tendency to shear-thickening while low concentration to shear-thinning.

 I am sure that it is a viscoelstic effect. Generally, the springback can be explained.


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