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"Too many increments needed to complete the step" problem in Abaqus

Hi all,

I am working on modelling of an adhesive bonded structure (static analysis) in Abaqus. I have modeled the structures as one single part but partitioned it to assign different properties of adhesive and adherents (concrete). The analysis was being aborted by Abaqus at a load of 80 kN earlier but after lowering the initial increment and minimum increment, it works upto load of 100 kN. But the model is not working further, while the structure is supposed to fail at 200 KN. On the other hand, the model is working well up to 500 kN in linear range and no fail (smeared crack) criterion . 

In the failure model, the error shown is "too many attempts". 
And the warnings shown are "degree of freedom 5 is not active in this model and can not be restrained", "Degree of freedom 6 is not active in this model and can not be restrained" and "There is zero FORCE everywhere in the model based on the default criterion. please check the value of the average FORCE during the current iteration to verify that the FORCE is small enough to be treated as zero. if not, please use the solution controls to reset the criterion for zero FORCE".

Please help me to understand these error and warnings and suggest some solutions.

Thanking you in advance.

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ABAQUS Standard sets an arbitrary limit of 100 increments for each step. Set the INC parameter to a larger number in the command STEP (or in STATIC ?)

You define boundary conditions for the DOF 5 and 6, but these do not exist in your model



Dear Mr. Richter,

I could finally move ahead with your help. Thanks a lot.

Warm regards,

Ankit Bhardwaj
Research Scholar,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

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