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SIF for 3D crack in ANSYS

Dear all

I am searching for procedure to calculate stress intensity factor of bonded repair of cracked plate, so any one has any idea how to calculate stress intensity factor in 3D crack model By ANSYS, please guide me. I need your help.

Looking for your help.

Please share your valuable documents at:-


Dear Sir

Thanks a lot, for your link posting, it will be helpful for me.


I compared the 2 links that you submitted and found that VM256 seems easier to apply.  The command CINT is used to get the value of J.In VM143, a userfile needs to be  created to define the equation to compute J.  

Are the 2 methods 2 different ways to obtain J, or a userfile is necessary, even if the method shown in VM256 is used?

The first one ( uses the displacement extrapolation method (KCALC command), and the second ( uses the J-Integral (CINT command) method. They are two different ways. A userfile is needed for VM143 only.

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