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System error 3 when running a user subroutine in Abaqus

I am trying to run a UMAT in Abaqus but the program aborts with the following error message: 

 ***ERROR: System error 3  std_ElemWorkspaceManager::DeAllocate: An offset overwrite was detected for Workspace idEW_MaterialStiffness (ID = 13), offset = 16.

I have searched the yahoo Abaqus usergroup and the net and it seems like a couple of people had the same problem and posted online but there are no replies, solutions or comments.

I would highlhy appreciate any help on this.

My .msg file can be found here:

My .inp file can be found here:

Thank you. 

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Hello Asharma,

it might be that the problem is due to the dimensions of your model. Did you program the umat in a way that it can also deal with 2-dimensional setups? I had the same error once when i when I applied an umat to plane strain or plane stress problems while the UMAT was only ment to work for real 3d models. You have to be carefull with the order of the stress and strain and stiffness tensors/vectors.

Best wishes

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