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Single Element Test(boundary conditions)

Dear All,


I want to do some single element tests for a plane stress quadratic element with bi-linear shape functions(like the plane 42 element in ANSYS).


What I am not sure about is what boundary conditions should be applied to the single element in this case. I also want to apply a prescribed displacement as the loading. (I would like to first try to do these single element simulations in Ansys and then with my own developed codes, hopefully the results will conform, as sort of a basic validation of my own developed code)


Attached please find a sketch of what I am trying to simulate now. Do you find the way I have applied the BC ok?


Thank you for your help in advance.


Image icon SingleElem.jpg6.76 KB


I have done the comparison today with the element showed in my previous post. I get the same displacements as ANSYS, but different reaction forces and nodal strains?(Well the value of Strains in YY direction for nodes 2 and 3(where the non-zero displacement load is applied) match with ANSYS but the rest dont).

Anybody has any idea where I should find the roots of the problem?I am using 2*2 integration scheme...

I appreciate your help!


Well, when I compare the reaction forces from my own code and another FEM tool called LISA, they conform but I cannot get my results conform to ANSYS completely.


Any hints from ANSYS users why there is a discrepancy?



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