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Mini-symposium on multi-scale modeling of microstructure and property evolution ( EMI2017 )

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Dear colleagues, 

You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for our mini-symposium (MS103) on Multi-scale modeling of microstructure and property evolution in the upcoming EMI conference (June 4-7, 2017) at San Diego. The scope of the mini-symposium is listed below:

"The microstructure of materials (dislocations, twins, inclusions and second phases, voids, grain boundaries, interfaces, etc.) evolves under their service environment (temperature, stress state, chemical, irradiation, etc.) leading to changes in the mechanical and physical properties. The goal of this symposium is to highlight recent advances in the modeling of microstructure evolution and their subsequent influence on the mechanical and physical properties. In addition, we seek experimental studies that provide guidance and validation for such models. 

Specifically, we invite researchers to present their work in the field of microstructure evolution (phase field, Monte Carlo Potts, Molecular Dynamics, etc.), on models/methods that capture the effect of microstructure on the mechanical and physical properties (Discrete Dislocation Dynamics, internal state variable theories, continuum plasticity, gradient plasticity, crystal plasticity, damage mechanics, heat conduction, etc.) and on the coupling of microstructure evolution with variations in thermo-mechanical-physical properties. Multi-time and length scaling approaches that allow quantitative prediction of microstructure and property evolution will also be addressed in the symposium. Presentations that focus on physics, predicted behavior, numerical methods used to investigate the models, and interaction between experiments and models are all of interest. 


- Microstructure Evolution: 

Phase field, Monte Carlo, Potts, Molecular Dynamics, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics 

- Thermo-physical and Mechanical Property Evaluation: 

Phase field, Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Internal state variable theories, Continuum plasticity, Gradient plasticity, Crystal plasticity, Damage mechanics, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics, Discrete Element Methods, Peridynamics 

- Multi-time and spatial scale methods, first and higher order homogenization 

- Concurrent multi-scale methods 

- Experimental investigation and validation"


Best Regards,

Pritam Chakraborty - Idaho National Laboratory 

Michael Tonks - Pennsylvania State University 

Wen Jiang - Idaho National Laboratory 

Benjamin Spencer - Idaho National Laboratory



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Dear Gentlemen,

Since I am very interested to attend to the Mini-symposium, please send me additional information.

Best Regards

Edison Bonifaz

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