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interfacing matlab with abaqus script using a user subroutine

Dear all,

the question is in the title.

I found solutions on the web to make matlab execute an inp file making use of a user subroutine: system(['abaqus job=' Abaqusname  ' user=' fortranname ' -inter']). It works well if, prior to the command,  a dll file of the fortran file is created and a file 'abaqus_v6.env' is set.

However, if I want to do the same by running, from matlab, the python script which makes use of the same user subroutine, there are errors.

command in matlab: system(['abaqus cae']);

-> error from matlab: WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

Important remark: if I use the same command for the script from a command window of Abaqus (no matlab), there is no problem and it works fine.

Please, do you know how to solve this problem so that matlab can use abaqus script in which subroutines are called in the job.



I used these commands before within Matlab:

! abaqus job=input_file

! abaqus viewer

You may want to to use a similar one for Abaqus script.


thank you for your answer. These commands works also when you have no user subroutine involved in the computation.

my problem is with executing from matlab a python abaqus script in which a fortran subroutine is called during the process of calculation. I guess there must be something to do with the compiler in matlab ?



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