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D. Rittel - DYMAT webinar

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Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,
From its origins in 1983, DYMAT’s mission has been to bring together engineers and scientists from all nations working in the field of the dynamic mechanical behaviour of materials;
encompassing various aspects such as experimental techniques, constitutive modelling, micro-structural effects, numerical simulations, etc.
This mission is more challenging to lead in the current context of difficulties to travel and to meet together. However, our association will keep on looking for new ideas and solutions
to adapt to the situation, and to strengthen this so precious link with each member of our community.
Hence, we have the pleasure and honour to announce to you the first DYMAT webinar:  

  “Mitigation of shock loading on structures using aqueous methylcellulose solution”
Professor Daniel Rittel, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel,
Wednesday, the 9th of December, 5 :00 pm – 6:00 pm (Paris time)
Webinar invitation link:

Participants will be allowed to interact with the speaker by sending their questions through a chat box.
Instructions for connection:

  • Follow the link and connect to Microsoft Teams through your internet browser (not Teams application, computer preferred to a smartphone),
  • Connect to the event as anonymous participant from your internet browser,
  • Wait for the webinar to start being broadcast,
  • At any time, you can ask a question to the speaker through the chat box. Your question will be reviewed by the chairman who decides whether to publish it,
    i.e. propose it to the speaker after  the presentation. It is recommended to indicate your name.

This event will be opened not only to DYMAT members, but also to anyone interested in this topic, and more generally in DYMAT’s activities.
So, do not hesitate to transmit the invitation broadly, and to inform us about members of your network who would like to receive the invitation directly.
We encourage all of you to visit our website @ for discovering our latest news and getting information about upcoming DYMAT events.
Looking forward to welcoming you soon online,
Philippe VIOT & Eric BUZAUD
Professor Philippe VIOT, Webinar Organizer
Dr Eric BUZAUD, President of the DYMAT Association
The Governing Board of the DYMAT Association





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I read some of your work.

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