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Multiple step analysis in ABAQUS CAE


I am modeling a vertebral joint that consists of two vertebrae stacked on top of one another and connected through an intervertebral disc. The simulation I am trying to perform has three phases:

1.) Rotate the top vertebra to a specified angle with an angular velocity while holding the bottom vertebra in place.

2.) From the rotated position, apply a downward force to the top of the top vertebra while holding the bottom vertebra in place.

3.) From the rotated and compressed configuration, apply a backward linear velocity to the bottom vertebra while holding the top vertebra in place.

Any help with step and/or boundary conditions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried implementing this simulation using angular/linear velocity boundary conditions with no success. It appears that the model is not holding its configuration between phases.





In one video, I tried to explain all the questions about transferring results from one analysis to another.

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