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Drying-induced bifurcation in a hydrogel-actuated nanostructure

Fascinating paper. Congrats to Wei, Xuanhe, and Zhigang. Nice to see a simple and an elegant model together with an intuitively appealing physical interpretation of the bifurcation phenomenon in gels. It woud be interesting to see the time evolution of the drying process and the orientation (theta) of the nano wires.  


Taher Saif

Wei Hong's picture

Thank you for your compliments on our paper, Prof. Saif!

Yes, the kinetic process of this simple system would indeed be an interesting topic.  We are trying to study it.  The thing that hinders us most is a proper kinetic law.  You probably also noticed our previous paper with a simple kinetic law from merely self-diffusion.  However, without useful experimental results, we really have no clue how the gel really drys.


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