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Variable amplitude loading in Abaqus 6.7


 I'm a beginner Abaqus user and I'm trying to model a variable amplitude loading to a plate. Anyone have any suggestions on how to imput this type of load in Abaqus?? 

Variable loading is possible in abaqus6.7.

 This can be done by creating an analytical field with the equation for variation of load.

 Then, while applying pressure this analytical field can be selected in distribution.

 The load thus applied will be a variable load varying along the defiened curve.

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Do you want the load to vary with respect to time (in which case just use the Amplitude option) or do you want the load to vary spatially across the plate? If you want to allow the load to vary spatially and with time you have to write a user-defined distribution (dload or vdload (Explicit model)) in Fortran. 

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