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Collected Works of J.D. Eshelby

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Perhaps a post has already been made in this regard; A book containing all the papers by J.D. Eshelby was recently released by Springer. This book is compiled by Markenscoff and Gupta. Congratulations to both of them for such a great idea!

I bought this book last week and it is fascinating to read all of Eshelby's papers in chronological order. Furthermore, I found a few papers that I had not even been aware of. The price, at roughly $195 on Amazon is a bit steep but (in my opinion) well worth it. The book also contains forewords by several researcher who knew Eshelby personally.

Here is the amazon link to this book


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Thanks you Pradeep for the pointer. Jim Rice told me about this book early this year, but I didn't know that it's out. I just ordered one for myself, and requested that Harvard Library order one.

I fixed your hyperlink. It is unsightly and serves no purpose to display a long URL. Please learn about making a hyperlink, so you can teach others.

I also added a few tags. You can always change them.


In this blog, the discussions, information among others are extremely helpful and fruitfull. Are there matlab/mathematica type implementations of such codes (Eshelby's plastic inclusion in 3D) out there so that one could experiment with and help with the visualization...?

Just to give a bit of a background information. I am fairly new to the subject: Eshelby's solution. Recently I came across a a paper:The role of elastic contrast on the strain energy and the stress state of a spheroidal inclusion with a general eigenstrain state... Fischer And a quick search on google took me to this page. I am focusing on the stress state within the inclusion and somehow relating it to the fracturing behavior... Let's say I have a plastic, ellipsoidal inclusion inside an infinite elastic matrix and I am applying a bending moment.... How will the inclusion behave?? What will be the stress state? 

Does this sound interesting or totally nonsense?

Once again, great blog, great minds... All the best... 

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