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Rolling Contact Simulation & Analysis in ANSYS

Hallo... I am the final semester student of bachelor mechanical engineering. My final project is Drum Brake Simulation Using FEM in ANSYS.i know how to use ansys but only a little bit. Model for drum brake is 2D like donut or circle for drum and shoe.  I have problems now..How to rotate or spin that model in ansys. Please give me a step by step tutorial to rotate or spin 2D model. i tried b4 and I can't get the simulation. That is the important thing that I have to do first. Later I have to solve the contact analysis between shoe and drum. If u guys had done it or tried the simulation before,please send the file to my email or reply and discuss in this forum. thanks you very much.. For everyone who expert in ANSYS, please help me..



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Mas neng forum kene ki wong rodok angel ditekoki..

mboh karna sibuk, g sempat, po malah podo bae rak biso ne...

podo aq y koyo ngene nasibe tekok neng forum koyo kiye,,,



nek menurutku mungkin podo ae ra isone...

jenenge wae usaha, spo ngerti ana sing njelaske detail...:p

tetp semangad..... 

Hi Anggorro,

 Your problem is a dynamic, contact analysis, isn't it? You want to capture the rotation and the inertia of the wheel and how, when applying the brake the wheel is going to slow down. May be the inertia of the vehicle also? I have a feeling that your problem is best done in LS-Dyna or some other explicit solver. Ansys also has some LS-Dyna package in it. See "Ansys-LSDyna User's guide".

 Conventionally, if you do a transient dynamic analysis Ansys uses a implicit solver. Your problem is more suited for explicit analysis, I think.That is why I asked you to see Ansys-LSDyna user's guide. See the verification problems in Ansys-LSDyna also - it will probably help. Contact problem in Ansys is well documented - you should not have too much problem there. You have to break your head a little bit - but you should get it :).

 I am guessing that is the way to go about it. May be some body more experienced can help. (Also a disclaimer: I am not an expert in Ansys or LS-Dyna. Meaning whatever I am saying here is not authoritative - but probably right). 




Hello Pradeep,

Thank's for your reply Mr. Pradeep.

You're right that my problem is a dynamics (rotating 2D model) then contact analysis. I hope I can simulate for rotating/spinning 2D model, then when applying the brake causes stress distribution surrounding contact area and absolutely the wheel is going to slow down. After I read in Ansys help, maybe the inertia effect should be include in rotating simulation. Currently I use ANSYS multiphysics, maybe I will try with ANSYS LS-DyNa. I think both of it not too different, maybe the important thing is command that we have to use in ANSYS.

I don't understand too about analysis type that we have to use, modal or transient analysis. What is the different ? Furthermore, I use angular velocity command because I think it is related with rotational simulation. But there are some error occured. What I should to do?

For Mr. Pradeep thank's for your comment and solution.

May be some body more experienced can help to tell me the solution or step by step for solving this problem. 

Thank's you All 





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Hi all, i am the final semester student in.Struc Mecha.For my final project i have to model combine sheet pile with  FEM. i used ansys for set up the model. Combination of AZ,HZ n RZ profile were developed sheet pile. In my modelling i applied frictional contact to define all the connection between two parts. When i run my calculation, it does not converged when body get  contact. I was applied spring and small load step in set up.but still does not work too..if anybody have any opinion/iddea how to define contact properrly,especially with irregular surface.




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