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Description for ABAQUS Assignment

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For my semester project, I will investigate equilibrium geometries of ripples in an elastic sheet. In order to do so, I will need to learn how to study out of plane bending of a thin membrane with ABAQUS. The project can be divided into the following stages:

1. Set up the membrane geometry model in ABAQUS

2. Apply relevant boundary conditions and tractions

3. Set up the job

4. Run the job, and post-process

Some background on the problem is available in several papers on the mechanics of thin elastic sheets by L. Mahadevan and others. To make the problem more tangible, one can emulate these ripples in any elastic sheet, including paper: one need only to push on the edges of the paper as it is flat on a surface, and watch a ripple rise out of the plane of the surface. The equilibrium shape is of interest to me during this study.


Settling and swimming of flexible fluid lubricated foils
M. Argentina, J. Skotheim and L. Mahadevan, Physical Review Letters, 99, 224053, 2007.

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I will change my project slightly, to the deformation of a shell, which is cantilevered with a fixed curvature. I wish to explore the distance over which the curvature in the shell decays to 1/e of its initial value.

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I attach my presentation and paper for my FEM project. Since I wasn't able to calculate the bending in ABAQUS, I chose instead to focus on experiments.

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