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Help Regarding composite material Analysis in Ansys

hello to all,

                 I m new to composite material analysis, I am  doing a project for wind turbine analysis in ansys. The wind turbine contains total 96 layers of two different material which is stacked alternatlly. i dont know about the modelling and analysis procedure of composites. i don't understand how to connect the surfaces.

                 thanking you..............


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The effective and practical way to model wind turbine blades is to use VABS to reduce the original complex 3D structure into a 1D beam structure and recover the full 3D stress/strain/displacement field from the 1D results. VABS has been comprehensively validated against full-blown 3D FEA. It can achieve a similar accuracy as 3D FEA with orders of magnitude less computing time. A critical assessment of various tools using in the wind industry can be found from Chen, H. and Yu, W. and Capellaro, M.: "A Critical Assessment of Computer Tools
for Calculating Composite Wind Turbine Blade Properties," Wind Energy,
vol. 13, no. 6, 2010, pp. 497-516. (pdf)

thanks for spending time on my post......But i want to know how to model multiple layers in ansys. My frnd tell me to take mid surface of the given thickness for shell analysis. In this case the layer thickness is 0.7mm i.e. the offset distance is 0.35mm between two adjecent layers but how to connect the surfaces to transmit load between them.

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