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Joost Vlassak is promoted to Full Professor with Tenure at Harvard

Joost J. Vlassak's pictureWe have just heard the great news that our colleague (iMechanician number 12), Joost Vlassak, has been promoted to Full Professor with Tenure at Harvard.

Joost studies mechanical behavior of materials, using a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches.  He has made seminal contributions to nanoindentation, chemical-mechanical polishing, and thin-film mechanics.

Congratulations, Joost!


Gang Feng's picture

That is great news!

Teng Li's picture

Congratulation to your great achievements at Harvard!

I really enjoyed your lectures and our collaborations when I was at Harvard. Look forward to more research news from your group!

A side question, I'm wondering how many different tenure systems currently exist in the institutions in US, and around the world.  


Konstantin Volokh's picture

Congratulations, Joost!


Joost, this is a wonderful acknowledgment to your years of efforts, dedication, excellence, and great contributions to this field. You are a great scientist as well as a great teacher, and I was very lucky to have the opportunity of doing my PhD with you. I am very grateful to your guidance, advice, and encouragement over these years and I have learned not only knowledge but much more beyond from you. I must say that it's always been an honor and privilege to be your first PhD. Congratulations again!


Mike Ciavarella's picture

Congrats from me too!  I wish I had contributed more than just co-author a paper with you!!   Michele


Nanshu Lu's picture

Big congratulations to Joost.I'm so lucky to have your guidance. It is really enjoyable to have discussion with you and learn from you. Thanks for your help and kindness. Best regards.

I heard that it's hard to get tenure at Harvard, but now you make it. Great!


Li Han's picture

Great news not only to our group!

Li Han

Henry Tan's picture

Recently I am reading one of Vlassak et al.’s paper:

Xi Chen, Yong Xiang, Joost J. Vlassak (2006). Novel technique for
measuring the mechanical properties of porous materials by
nanoindentation. Journal of Material Research 21, 715-724.

There is an error.

For the statement under equation (8), it should be
S_ij = sigma_ij – sigma_m * delta_ij

Please check.


Xi Chen's picture

delta_ij was missing in this typo of stress deviator.  Since the correct equation was built in ABAQUS none of the results was affected. In fact we awared this typo after the publication of the paper, but since it's too minor we didn't send in a correction. Thank you for your careful reading and interest in our work, Honglai.

Also congratulations to Joost! I enjoyed working with you on many of the nanoindentation and bulge test problems, and look forward to more fruitful collaborations.

Henry Tan's picture

yeah, it is a typed error.

As a reader, so far I cannot find any more serious error in his publications. :)

MichelleLOyen's picture

Many congratulations to Joost and best wishes for continued success!


Henry Tan's picture

威哉! 英雄得志而可纵横四海也.

Aman Haque's picture

Congratulations Joost! Thanks for your contributions in (and out of) the research and wishing many more to come


Aman Haque

Julia R. Greer's picture

Joost, all of us young professors aspire to be like you! I hope you did not get into any arguments with your committee after your tenure case review like you did with Professor Sinclair after your qualifying exam!


Julia Rosolovsky Greer

Xuanhe Zhao's picture

Congratulations, Joost!

Patrick J McCluskey's picture

As a current member of Joost's research group I can vouch for his deserving this honor.  Joost is a great teacher, researcher and advisor.  It has been a pleasure working with him over the past few years, and I am looking forward to finishing my thesis with him.

Congratulations Joost!


Xi Wang's picture

Joost, Please accept congratulations from your third Ph.D. to be. When I read acknowledgements in other people's theses, I always imagined myself writing something similar one day. Now here I am. Joost, you are a great advisor. I am very grateful to your guidance over these years. You are also a great scientist. I appreciate and enjoy the numerous discussions we have been through. It is great to be here to see all this happen.

-Xi Wang

Youbo Lin's picture

Many congratulations, Joost! I guess everybody sees this coming. I am fortunate to be one of the first Ph.D.'s under your guidance and witnessed the making of an outstanding professorship. It is truly an honor to work with and to learn from you.

Time to go sailing... Cheers!


Youbo Lin

Juil Yoon's picture

Congratulations Joost!

I heard from Dr. Jaehyun Kim that you worked so hard and did a great.

Thanks for your contributions in the research.



Congratulations Joost!

I just found this great news. Thanks for your contribution in our fields.


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