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Coupled thermo-structural analysis of CFRP using ANSYS

Hi everyone,

 does anyone know publications dealing with the coupled thermo-structural analysis (direct method) of CFRP using ANSYS?

I would like to simulate the structural response of a composite plate subjected to one-sided heating and compressive load. Therefore I need to calculate the time-to-failure depending on the heat flux and mechanical load, i.e. I need to check the structural integrity (e.g. via a failure criterion) after each thermal load step. Thats why a sequential method with ANSYS seems not feasible since after a I performed a structural after a thermal analysis I would need to start the thermal one again which seems not to work. Furthermore I would like to include the isolating effect of delamination later on which means that the structural response (debonding of layers) effects the thermal response of the structure.

 Many thanks in advance!



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It'll be a nice work. But I'm sorry to give u such link. 

Best of Luck.


Amrul Kaish



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