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Why should you post in iMechanica?

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Because you love mechanics and because you want to help others to learn mechanics. Well, these may be part of the reason. Perhaps more importantly, you would like to help yourself by helping others to discover you and your research.

Suppose you post an entry of interest to other mechanicians, say an entry on an upcoming conference. One way or another a reader sees this post. If she is impressed by the quality of your post, perhaps she would like to know who you are. Click on your photo attached to the post, and she lands on your profile, which has the URL of your homepage. Also appearing on the post is a link to your blog. She will see your recent research if you have posted any.

She might be so impressed and decides to subscribe to the RSS feed of your blog. You now have a fan for your work. She is notified whenever you publish anything in your blog. Now you need to post more in order to not disappoint your fans.

All these reasons seem to be the same ones to motivate you to publish papers in journals and give talks at conferences. iMechanica is a new way to do the same, in this brave new world of the Internet. It satisfies your curiosity to learn, urge to share, and ambition to excel.

In order to post anything to iMechanica, you need to register for a free account. Registration takes 18 seconds.

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IBM will introduce networking software, according to an article in New York Times. The functions sound rather like iMechanica.

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