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Pre-filled Syringe Failure Analysis using Abaqus/Standard

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Failure of pharmaceutical packaging incurs the risk of negative health outcomes and expensive product recalls. Pre-filled syringes represent a growing portion of the drug packaging market. During its working life, a syringe ex-periences stresses that may result in material damage. Specifically, the syringe barrel may develop microcracks that coalesce and propagate, causing the syringe to frac-ture and its contents to lose sterility. Abaqus/Standard offers the technologies necessary to include fracture and failure in the syringe design process. The extended finite element method (XFEM) allows for the analysis of crack initiation and propagation along an arbitrary, solution dependent path without the need for remeshing. In this Technology Brief, the application of XFEM to the failure analysis of a pre-filled syringe is dem-onstrated.

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