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Is my work worth PhD ?

I am pursuing my phD in one of the universities in india in fracture mechanics. I have completed all the formalities of my university before submitting the final thesis report like completing the course work examinations and comprehensive vivavoce. My work is related to accurate stress intensity factor determination at the crack tip through FEA approach for a mixed mode crack propagation.I have taken a new methodology suggested in one of the old journal papers in FEM and I have used the formulae mentioned in that paper to extract the SIF results. Have also written a C code for that and applied in my work and also I have referenced that journal paper in my thesis. Its giving very good result comparatively with what usual FEM softwares yield. I have taken bench mark problems to check the reliability of the C code and have solved some case studies. Sir I want your opinion about my work that whether its worth a phD are not, if not what modification can i adopt to my present work.

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