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International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol. 3 No. 4

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Forthcoming papers of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.3 No.4:

  1. “On Surface Waves In A Finitely Deformed Magnetoelastic Half-Space”, P. Saxena  (University Of Glasgow, UK) And  R. W. Ogden (University Of Aberdeen, UK)   
  2. “Atomistic Modeling And Mechanics Of Self-Assembled Organic Nanotubes”, Luis Ruiz And Sinan Keten (Northwestern University, USA) 
  3. “Three-Dimensional Acoustic Analysis Of Spherical Chamber Having Single Inlet Andmultiple Outlet: An Impedance Matrix Approach”, A. Mimani, M. L. Munjal (Indian Institute Of Science, India)
  4. “A Time-Stepping Drbem For Magneto-Thermoviscoelastic Interactions In A Rotating Non-Homogeneous Anisotropic Solid”, M. A. Fahmy (Suez Canal University, Egypt)
  5. “The Interpolating Element-Free Galerkin (Iefg) Method For Two-Dimensional Elasticity Problems”, Hongping Ren (Taiyuan University Of Science And Technology, China) And Yumin Cheng (Shanghai University, China)
  6. “Wall Shear Stress In A Subject Specific Human Aorta - Influence Of Fluid-Structure Interaction”, Jonas Lantz , Johan Renner, Matts Karlsson (Linkoping University, Sweden)
  7. “A Numerical Study On The Performance Of A Sudden Expansion With Multisteps As A Diffuser” Dipak Kumar Mandal; Nirmal Kumar Manna; Sudip Bandyopadhyay; B. P. Biswas; Somnath Chakrabarti (College Of Engg. & Management, Kolaghat, India)
  8. “Dynamic Response Of Brain Subjected To Blast Loadings: Influence Of Frequency Ranges”, Mehdi S. Chafi , Linxia Gu , Namas Chandra  (University Of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, USA)
  9. “Free Vibration Of Functionally Graded Arbitrary Straight-Sided Quadrilateral Plates Rested On Elastic Foundations”, A. Alibeygi Beni (  Persian Gulf University, Iran). 
  10. “Parametric Instability Of Laminated Composite Cylindrical Panels Subjected To Non-Uniform In-Plane Loads”   Sarat Kumar Panda (Delhi Technological University, India  )And L. S. Ramachandra (Indian Institute Of Technology, India)  
  11.  “Thermo-Mechanical Buckling Analysis Of Finite Element Modelled Functionally Graded Ceramic-Metal Plates”  Mohammad Talha And B N Singh  (Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur, India)
  12. “Transient Magneto-Thermoelastic Response For A Semi-Infinite Body With Voids And Variable Material Properties During Thermal” Xiong Qi-Lin, Tian Xiao-Geng (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)  
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